who we are

Standing on the shoulders of giants

We are passionate about two things - building visionary organizations and teaching others how to be successful using Branding from the Core. By building upon and implementing decades of groundbreaking research in Identity Dynamics, Appreciative Inquiry, and Whole Systems Change, Branding from the Core is revolutionizing the way organizations build successful brands.

Mona Amodeo, Ph.D.

Mona is founder and creator of Branding from the Core®, the Branding from the Core network, and president of idgroup in Pensacola, Florida and Cleveland, Ohio. She leads a team of dedicated brand experts with a vision to move business-as-is to business-as-it-can be. She is a passionate thinker and academic—helping individuals and organizations transform who they are into something beyond what they thought possible. Mona holds a Ph.D in Organization Development and Change and a Master’s Degree in Communication Arts. She is recognized as a national expert in the areas of organization development, branding and sustainability. Learn more

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Our Team

As the originators of Branding from the Core, the consultants and creatives at idgroup in Pensacola, Florida and Cleveland, Ohio have successfully utilized Branding from the Core to build visionary organizations.

Award-winning creative work, together with our organizational development processes produce results that build reputation and take organizations to new levels performance. See our results.

Our Inspiration

We have benefited greatly from collaboration and relationship with some of today's most respected thought leaders and researchers in organizational development and change, branding and communications. The scholars and organizations below inspire us and have provided the foundation for the Branding from the Core methodology.